Saturday, 6 July 2013

What doesn't kill me

Nietzsche said 'What does not kill me makes me stronger'. Well if developing or maintaining software doesn't kill you, does it make you stronger? Software development has been a discipline now for about fifty years. What have we learned? Well what I have learned is that writing code is easy, writing code for someone else is supremely difficult.

This blog is about lying on the software couch to explore the inner thoughts of all those who have bought, designed, coded, tested, project managed, made operational, upgraded, maintained, and replaced software. Even those who have sought their money back. Good luck with that.

I also want to offer my condolences to all the people that software has inadvertently killed, maimed, bankrupted, prevented access to their money or allowed their money to be stolen. I want to say sorry for all the hours people have wasted trying to rebuild systems, data, lives after a virus has decimated their existence.

Software is both a giver and taker. When you sit on the couch you have to respect it but you can also blame it for all the problems in your life. Like any good psychiatrist will say, 'Leave your past on the couch but your cash on the table on your way out'. And if they don't say that, its what they are probably thinking.

I hope together we can analyse the truth about software, all its intricacies and maybe create a new roadmap for the next fifty years...

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