Sunday, 15 September 2013

The end of relational databases


So imagine you are wearing a white shirt and black tie. It’s the late 1960’s or maybe early 1970’s. You have a computer science degree and you work for big blue or a company like that. You have access to a new mainframe computer. Wow. What will we do with it? The president of operations wants the payroll system automated for the company’s 50,000 employees. That’s a challenge.

However you learned about a new database system called a relational database. All you have to do is build a few tables that inputs the employee’s details, pay, do some basic math and hey presto the payroll system is automated and you look great.

Now move to 2010, you also have a college degree in computer science and work for a large corporation. The president asks you to build a real time system that allows users talk to each other across the globe, gives access to most users on the web, is secure but has a big social media aspect, it can process millions of ecommerce transactions in real time etc etc.

However you learned about relational databases and you realise you are seriously “fcu*ed”. You see relational database just weren’t designed for what we require today. CTO’s are afraid to use what really is the only solution, the NoSql database because it doesn’t adhere to ACID standards.

Well a new database by foundationdb has basically developed a new database that adheres to the ACID standards but with the flexibility and scalability of Nosql databases. If you want to start a new mobile app that you think will go into the stratosphere then a nosql database is the solution for you. Go check them out. Maybe it's not the end of relational databases but may be it is the beginning of the end of them.

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